5 Must-Try Foods in Kauai

November 2nd, 2023

If you're planning a trip to Kauai, be sure to try some of these local favorites. Get ready to drool...

1. Shave ice


Shave ice is a refreshing Hawaiian dessert that's made with shaved ice, flavored syrup, and condensed milk. It's a popular treat on hot days, and there are many different flavors to choose from. You can find shave ice stands all over Kauai but our favorite place is The Fresh Shave in Koloa, Kauai. They use organic ingredients and local farm fresh produce in all all their shave ice!


2. Spam musubi


Spam musubi is a beloved Hawaiian snack that's made with a slice of spam, rice, and seaweed. It's a quick and easy meal that's perfect for on-the-go. But don't let the humble ingredients fool you - spam musubi is seriously delicious! The salty spam, fluffy rice, and crispy seaweed come together in perfect harmony. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even add your own toppings, like furikake, avocado, or eggs.

You can find spam musubi at almost any gas station or grocery store made fresh each day, we like to pop by the local Big Save grocery store for our spam musubi fix.


3. Sugarloaf pineapple


Did you know that sugarloaf pineapples are native to Kauai? They're a smaller variety of pineapple with a sweeter and more intense flavor than the traditional pineapple. You can even visit a pineapple plantation and learn more about how these delicious fruits are grown. If you're looking for a truly unique and delicious pineapple experience, be sure to stop by a local fruit stand and try it before you leave! There is a great stand right near Poi'pu with fresh pineapple and other amazing fruits.



4. Furikake fries


This one is a guilty pleasure of mine! We all love a hot and fresh plate of french fries, but have you ever tried Furikake fries? Furikake fries are a delicious and unique snack that's perfect for sharing. The fries are coated in a flavorful furikake seasoning, which is a Japanese mixture of dried seaweed, sesame seeds, and other spices. You can find furikake fries at many restaurants and food trucks on Kauai, but the best we've found come from Kenji Burger in Koloa.


5. Loco moco


Last but not least is the Loco moco, a classic Hawaiian dish that's made with a hamburger patty, rice, two fried eggs, and brown gravy. It's a hearty and satisfying meal that's perfect for a casual lunch or dinner. If you're looking for a taste of the local culture, loco moco is definitely worth trying.

Any self respecting restaurant claiming to have Hawaiian food will have a Loco Moco dish, but take our advice and have a nice brunch at Keoki's Paradise in Koloa and order a Loco Moco (or frankly anything else on their menu!)


So next time you're planning a trip to Kauai, be sure to add some of these local favorites to your itinerary. You won't be disappointed!